WAVA is a coalition of women-focused civil society organizations in Nigeria advocating for increased routine immunization and sustainable vaccine financing. Founded in 2011, it is supported by the Johns Hopkins University International Vaccines Access Center (JHU-IVAC) to help increase uptake of immunization services in Nigeria.

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Hon. Mohammed Usman, the Deputy Chair, House Committee on Health Services, has lamented that Nigeria budget has not been able to actualise one per cent Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) allocation to health as stipulated in the National Health Act of 2014.
Published November 8, 2017
The Deputy Chairman, Healthcare Services in the House of Representatives, Hon. Mohammed Usman has stated that Nigeria is doing poorly in the monitoring and tracking of budget as it concerns immunisation.
Published August 3, 2017
I was deeply heartbroken when I visited a fellow market woman to console her after she lost her child to pneumonia early this year. The atmosphere was charged with so much grief and sorrow. I remember the pain that cut her so deeply, her cries and tears which never seemed to stop. She really loved her daughter, and now she was gone. It was truly an unbearable experience. My pain comes from the fact that it is a disease that could have been prevented through immunization. I am also shocked by the knowledge that every year in Nigeria, many thousands of children die from pneumonia, meningitis, diarrhoea and other diseases that can be prevented through immunization.
Published August 8, 2017
One in every five children does not receive the vaccines they need, according to a study by the Women Advocates for Vaccine Access, WAVA.

“Immunisation is the process by which a person is protected from or made resistant to an infectious disease, typically by administering a vaccine at defined periods,” said WAVA.
Published August 8, 2017
Awareness and diagnosis of common cancers remains a huge challenge to many unsuspecting Nigerians. Most deaths from all forms of cancer occur because they were not detected early enough. Published July 14th, 2017
The bracelet unveiled in Abuja last week won the immunisation advocacy group Alma Sana a share of the $1 million Global Healthcare Innovation Award, an initiative of the pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline and Save the Children.
Published May 28th, 2017
The wife of President of the Senate, Toyin Saraki, on Thursday, condemned the low number of vaccinated Nigerian children, as she particularly raised concerns that only 42 percent of the country’s children are vaccinated against measles .
Published May 25th, 2017
Artists in Nigeria have focused their camera lenses on pneumonia—the country’s leading cause of death among children under age 5. They were answering the call of World Pneumonia Day (November 12) to raise awareness about the issue, proven solutions, and gaps in resources.
Published May 18th, 2017
Mrs Toyin Saraki, wife of the Senate President, has called for the establishment of pharmaceutical companies to produce local vaccines to meet the immunisation needs of Nigerians.
Published April 27th, 2017
A coalition of over 40 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), that work to ensure equitable access to vaccines in Nigeria, has commended the 8th Senate for its resolution, which called for meningitis vaccination to be made free in public healthcare facilities across the country.
Published April 5th, 2017

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