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Targeted Messaging for COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance (TM-COVAC)

The TM-COVAC study aimed to understand the socio-behavioral drivers and determinants of COVID-19 vaccination to inform targeted communication messaging and implementation strategies and increase vaccination uptake among hesitant HCWs and adults. It was guided by the behavioral and social drivers (BeSD) of COVID-19 vaccination framework that influence vaccine uptake. We used the HCD approach that involved collaborating with the target population to co-create messages and communication strategies tailored to suit hesitant groups.


This project sought to:

  1. Assess the socio-behavioral determinants and drivers of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among HCWs and eligible adults.
  2. Co-design and co-disseminate targeted messages to improve COVID-19 vaccine uptake among hesitant HCWs and eligible adults.
  3. Demonstrate the effectiveness of targeted messaging in addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.


This research has been presented at the UK CDR’s COVID CIRCLE conference, VARN, NISA 2023



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