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Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM


Membership of WAVA is open to all registered women civil society bodies, associations and groups involve in programs related to improving vaccine access and sustainable financing for immunization. Our goal is to have WAVA members in every state of the federation, and at least one Vaccine Champion in every state, because no child must be left behind!

Who is eligible to be a member of WAVA’s coalition?

Organizations interested in joining the WAVA coalition should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be women-focused or women-led organizations/groups/initiatives.
  2. Be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or any other relevant institution of government in Nigeria.
  3. Demonstrate autonomy in terms of organizational program direction and vision.
  4. Have an operational base in Nigeria.
  5. Must have been in existence for at least one year; however, new organizations that are led by women of integrity with appreciable achievements in advocacy will be considered.
  6. Have a clear governance structure that may include:
    • A board of directors or well-defined leadership with a clear oversight responsibility and ultimate fiscal authority for the organization/group/initiative.
    • Staff (either volunteer or paid) that are responsible for executing and implementing the work of the organization/group/initiative.
  7. Have credible leadership.
  8. Have the capacity to lead or participate actively in advocacy activities.
  9. Accept and willing to play active roles in helping to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of WAVA.
What is expected of the coalition members?

Members of the WAVA coalition are expected to:

  1. Create public awareness with evidence-based messages on the benefits of immunization using various media platforms including the social media.
  2. Carry out well-coordinated and strategic advocacy to policymakers at national and sub-national levels towards the actualization of sustainable immunization financing in Nigeria.
  3. Participate in advocacy and social mobilization campaigns for improved vaccine access and financing at state, national and international levels.
  4. Participate in activities aimed at generating evidence to ensure uninterrupted and equitable access to immunization.
  5. Promote accountability for routine immunization in Nigeria.
  6. Disseminate resource materials to improve knowledge regarding vaccines/immunization.
  7. Support the activities of NIFT and NPHCDA aimed at strengthening the national immunization programme.
What are the benefits of being a member of the WAVA coalition?

Benefits of joining this coalition include:

    1. Members will derive a sense of fulfillment for helping to save lives of many Nigerian children from vaccine-preventable diseases.
    2. Capacity-building/enhancement of members’ activities on health advocacy.
    3. Enhanced visibility of member organizations and their activities.
    4. Opportunities to network with other organizations and people with similar objectives.
    5. Access to a wide range of services offered by the combined experience of the professionals within the coalition.
    6. Free mentorship opportunities that may help to strengthen organizational capacities.
    7. Partial or full sponsorship to register and/or attend local or international meetings/conferences that are relevant to the works of WAVA.
    8. Opportunities to leverage WAVA’s reputation to participate in strategic programs and meetings at an affordable rate or no cost.

The WAVA team will maintain a national database of all coalition members and affiliates to facilitate effective coordination and support. Membership certificates and cards will be issued to all members.