Twitter trends for immunization advocacy hashtags

In line with providing evidence-based messages to advocates, WAVA Secretariat – through technical support from Direct Consulting and Logistics (DCL Nigeria) – manages the WAVA website and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) where information, including key messages, factsheets, presentations, infographics, newsletters and other resources can be found for public awareness and utilization. Thus, WAVA promotes the use of various hashtags for its social media messaging, to garner consideration for increased indigenous funding for vaccines as well as to educate and sensitize parents/caregivers on the benefits of immunization and immunization uptake in Nigeria. This commentary highlights the performance of three (3) hashtags popularly used in the immunization space: #vaccineswork#VaccineGoodOh and #SupportImmunization.

Here are the summary statistics for the hashtags in the month of November 2017:

  • The global vaccine hashtag, #vaccineswork was used in 3013 tweets by 1698 users with a potential reach of 31,664,650 users
  • WAVA’s #VaccineGoodOh hashtag was used in 72 tweets by 38 users with a potential reach of 194,343 users.
  • NPHCDA’s #SupportImmunization hashtag was used in 68 tweets by 41 users with a potential reach of 318,694 users.

In the past weeks, there were also engagements around other vaccines promoting hashtags; #NigFundVaccine, #pneumonia, #immunization, #vaccines, #immunized and #endpolio. These hashtags in addition to sensitizing the public on the benefits of vaccines, also created awareness about the 2017 World Pneumonia Day (WPD), the 2017/2018 National Measles Vaccination Campaign (MVC), ways to eradicate polio in Nigeria and effective  communication against anti-vaccination rumours.

WAVA urges its Champions, CSOs and partners to speak more on immunization and also create opportunities to engage individuals on twitter, possibly via  tweet chats. This will enable connection to a wider audience, Increase  awareness on routine immunization and ultimately ensure uptake of immunization in Nigeria.

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