2017 Creative Art and Writing Competition for Secondary Schools

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  Joe Kings 2







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Name: Splendour Joe King

Class: JSS2

Age: 11

School: Unique Blossom Schools, Abuja

Art Work Description: The woman in my artwork represents all Nigerian women, while the child represents all Nigerian children.


  1. Wow this is lovely….I can see a nurse giving a vaccine to the child to protect her from deadly diseases. Government should look into this and fund immunization in Nigeria.

  2. Simply outstanding. Drives not just the message, but the passion
    Keep on increasing in skill and strength.

  3. Good work , immunization is very important in the life of every child, please get your child immunize today is free.

  4. Wow! Ur work made me remembered when I took my son for vaccination. It’s exactly d way it is in hospitals. Mothers carrying their child while the nurses reached out for them. This work will take u places i pray keep it up girl. It really took me down memory lane. I love ur work!

  5. Love the art work government needs to look into the issue of immunisation and fund it so those in the rural areas can benefit from it. God bless your work dearie.

  6. This art work shows exactly how we women hold our young ones during immunisation. Immunisation is a mother and child thing,government should always make vaccines available and more awareness should be made to the women on the importance of immunisation for their young ones. This is a very creative art work.

  7. Our Gifted and Talented Youths must be supported financially and with sustained supply of Arts Supplies in Schools and Libraries. Scholarships and enabling Public Arts Galleries.


  8. Splendour you have always remained a resourceful girl…. I have strong believe in your ability.

  9. Wao!!! What a delightful Masterpiece.
    May God bless the work of your hand & release favour upon you to dominate in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. Wow…. Welldone visionary star,more grace for clearer understanding of the state of the Nigerian child

  11. this is a great work splendour.i love your creativity cos before any child is immunised the mother holds the child for the health worker.immunization is important in the life of every child. I know you will make it to the top.

    • Splendour. I’ m very proud of you. The Lord will favour you & you’ll emerge the winner. Ride on riding star. We love u

  12. You really deserve to win. You were so committed to this competition from the very beginning. Bravo girl

  13. Very inspiring. The future is bright for our country when young people, our future leaders, drive the immunisation campaign.

  14. Creative work that expressess the true nature of mankind and the intent of the heart either hate or love.But Splendour’s own of that of the mother’s love for her child,God bless.

  15. You’re gifted my dear; your gift will make room for you at the top. The Lord bless you and increase His gift in you.

  16. Soar on like the eagle, Splendour. We celebrate you because you deserve all the accolades. Victory cometh from the Lord💒

  17. Soar on like the eagle, Splendour. We celebrate you because you deserve all the accolades. Surely, Victory cometh from the Lord💒

  18. What an expression of the rich deposit within you. We can’t wait to see you to take your place in world stage.

  19. A great thing that you have done.I am proud to see a young girl doing such good thing with her life,God bless you

  20. It’s inspired and beautiful. The work is amazing. The Lord will bless the work of your hands and you will do great works such as this and even greater works will you do in Jesus name.

  21. Splendour’s Creative Journey which has begun from her Early years class through her present apt interpretation of a Mother’s Commitment to safeguarding her Child’s future is worthy of accolades and Laurels.I am proud to be a part of your Successful Journey our Unique Star.You’ll always have my vote Our SP.

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