Requirements for WAVA Membership


An organization willing to become a member of WAVA shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Shall be women-focused or women-led organizations/groups/initiatives
  2. Must be duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or any other relevant institution of government in Nigeria
  3. Shall demonstrate autonomy in terms of their own program direction and vision
  4. Must have operational base in Nigeria
  5. Must have been in existence for at least one year; however, new organizations that are led by women of integrity with appreciable achievements in advocacy will be considered
  6. Must have a clear governance structure that may include:
  • A board of directors or well-defined leadership with a clear oversight responsibility and ultimate fiscal authority for the organization/group/initiative
  • Staff (either volunteer or paid) that is responsible for carrying out the activities and implementing the work of the organization/group/initiative
  1. Must have credible leadership
  2. Shall have the capacity to lead or participate actively in advocacy activities
  3. Must accept and willing to play active roles in helping to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of WAVA
Advocacy key messages
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