At least 100 participants are expected to participate in this event, including representatives of government, partnering organizations, Women Advocates for Vaccine Access (WAVA) members in FCT, immunization stakeholders, participating students and their teachers, and the media. These includes:

  1. At least three representatives of the Advocacy and communication department, NPHCDA
  2. At least ten representatives of IVAC/DCL
  3. At least three representatives of the NIFT advocacy subcommittee
  4. At least four from other immunization partners- GSK (2) and Save the Children (2)
  5. At least five representatives of WAVA CSOs in Abuja – VNDC, AfrYPoD, CHEDI, TFCH, and TechHer
  6. At least six from the creative art consultant team- Consultant and technical support staff (3) and competition judges (3)
  7. At least sixty from the schools- Participating students (40, 2 each from 20 schools) and accompanying teachers (20, 1 each from 20 schools)
  8. At least seven representatives of media organizations – Television, Radio, Newspaper, and Social Media.
Advocacy key messages
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