Measles Quiz

Question 1

Measles causes all the following complications except paralysis.

Question 2

Measles is endemic in Nigeria with highest transmission occurring between October and March each year.

Question 3

Nigeria is number one for the most un-immunized children for measles at 3.3 million children, compared to India at 2.9 million.

Question 4

Immunization, sometimes called vaccination, remains the best and most effective method of preventing measles infection and outbreaks.

Question 5

Children between 9 months – 5 years are eligible for the measles vaccination campaign.

Question 6

Even though your child has received measles vaccination before, children between 9 months – 5 years must still be brought to receive the measles vaccination during the campaign from November 2017 to March 2018.

Question 7

This is false, but it is a common assumption. The major reason why children are not immunized against measles is because parents do not take their children to the health posts/hospitals to receive the free and safe measles vaccine. They may be busy or tired, not motivated to do so, or don’t know the way to the health post/hospital. Attractive and engaging messages which call for change of mindset to be more health-conscious and against cultural and religious beliefs can encourage parents to take their children and immunize them against measles.


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