2017 Creative Art and Writing Competition for Secondary Schools

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Ekwechukwu Lina 2




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Name: Ekwechuku Lina Chidera

Class: SS2

Age: 15

School: Redeemer's Private Secondary School Lugbe, Abuja.

Art Work Description: My artwork shows that tax payment can be used to fund the health sector and to ensure that there are adequate vaccines for immunization in Nigeria.


  1. This is very thoughtful of Line. Government should be sensitized to use tax to prevent infant mortality through i.munization.

  2. This is excellent, Chidera! You represent the future of our great country, and what a bright future! Yes, taxes are our civic responsibility. Keep it up!

  3. What an incredible messages from young girl that deserve an honorary award for advocating for civic responsibilities. Keep it up.

  4. Way to go dear Lina. It’s our duty to immunize our children for a bright future. kudos.

  5. Quite inspiring and instructive inscription. Use tax for immunisation… Sure way to sustain d vaccination and immunization campaigns. Well done young Lina, wish u all the best and success at the end of the competition.

  6. Lina, your art speaks on the citizens’ responsibility towards fulfilling governments’ objectives.

    Not only on good health but also on good roads network to convey the immunisation materials & Staff.

    Like a good political economist cum artist, accept my congratulations in advance.

  7. I vote for Lina
    let’s vote for Lina to motivate and encourage her. She’s a young brilliant artist.

  8. Lina,you are special. I couldn’t remove my eyes from your artwork.Simple and loaded with meaning “go tell the world my dear”.

  9. So many things we want government to do, health is one of them, out of this you have immunization. How can government provide these public goods without consistent and continuous sources of revenue. She has reminded us again our duty to pay our tax in other for government to adequate provide for our health. Nice one dear.

  10. Thumbs up sis! I see u up there! Keep the candle burning, never relent because God has your back.Trust me, with this, greater things are coming. #voiceofwuche

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