2017 Creative Art and Writing Competition for Secondary Schools

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Obehi 2








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Name: Omoegbele Joy Obehi

Class: JSS3

Age: 13

School: La-Vogue International School Kurudu, Abuja.

Art Work Description: My artwork shows a woman weeping for her child who died from a vaccine-preventable disease. To her right, is the happy world of vaccinated children and to her left is the world of children who are not vaccinated.


  1. It is always very important for every child to be immunized after birth to avoid lost of children!

  2. The Art depicts the Needful in our Society!!!! Children need to understand and Parents also, that Immunisation is essential. Well done Joy. Better days ahead!!!! Keep it up!

  3. A lot of creativity and critical thinking came into place to convey or express the message. Kudos

  4. I was particularly drawn to this art. It captures the very essence of how important vaccines are. Great job

  5. Nice art work, we need more of such arts and publications to help enlighten our people especially those in remote area. All d best dear. +NAV

  6. nice one dear..I love d art work la vogue all d way.Joy art work all the way
    .keep it up the sky will b your limit

  7. This brilliant work of art is a word of advice both to parents and the government …immunization is the right of every child.

  8. It’s a very good job. Shine bright like a diamond in the sky. Good work kiddo. The Lord is ur strength. Keep it 👆

  9. Excellent art work excellent reward u shall posse’s it in Jesus name u have my vote keep it up

  10. Lovely art work.. The message is clear and very impacting as well as being very passionate about human lives.
    thank you Obehi.. God bless your inspiration.

  11. Wow! What an excellent idea and innovation. I encourage you to go on in the race. The world of science is solidly behind you.

  12. Uhmnn….. Nice piece dear. The message it depicts is precise and powerful. Thank you for this wonderful piece, obehi. More grace girl!

  13. Her art work is a radical approach to send a message. She is awesome and a creative thinker.More grace.

  14. This inspirational work of art send home the importance of Immunization. Bravo is my expression.

  15. Indeed creativity is one of the natural phenomenons of telling a story… My dear I hear you loud and clear.

  16. It’s very advisable for every women to bring forth their children for immunization, because its helping

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