2017 Creative Art and Writing Competition for Secondary Schools in the FCT

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Folashade 2

Votes: 653

 Name: Bayere Folashade

Class: SS1

Age: 14

School: Government Secondary School Garki, Area 10, Abuja.

Art Work Description: My painting shows Children and pregnant Women lined up for Immunization. It also shows that infection by diseases and death can be prevented by Vaccines.


  1. I love the shows the art off taking care of pregnant woman. At a point it allow us too know that when our wife are pregnant we need too go for every month checkup

  2. I judge this art work the BEST. This is a great piece of art work, the best in the lot I viewed. If only government would be interested in picking up and developing talents such as this, our economy will be in the right path of recovery. I vote for Bayere Folashade’s art work.

  3. Perfect illustration and informative piece of work. Portrays the importance of immunity, use, and effects of a non immunized community.
    Mother and child awareness globally.
    Way to go girl – you get my vote.

  4. This is d best work that detailed & analysed the theme of the competition. I wish people should vote realistically.
    kudos folashade

  5. This work my best among the rest. It captures the whole essence of immunisation programme. This Student needs all the encouragement necessary to develop and reach her full potential.

  6. This art work is my best choice among the rest works. It captures the whole essence of Immunisation programme. The Student Bayere Folashade needs to be encouraged in all areas possible to reach her full potential. I therefore vote for her.

  7. This girl should be encouraged in all sense, her art work is the best. She have my vote

  8. I vote Bayero Folashade because she indicated children Queue for immunization and pregnant women’s are also in antenatal so she clearly shows the stages of Immunization i wish her all the Best and best regard to her fellow colleagues Thank you all

  9. Is time for familys too know the important of Immunisation too their kids.base on issue which little kids face now….family’s need too be awear

  10. Whoa! What an amazing illustration with a perfect content interpretation, you deserve an award

  11. this is beautiful..I salute your creativity Ms shade..**hat off** for vote is for you

  12. This is a fantastic art. It is instructive, educative and it speaks for itself. I voted for her as the best artist.

  13. Miss Bayero has done a wonderful work of art full of message, art is not born of experience. It is a talent bestowed on those who are artist she really exhibited her talent here,which is why I voted her.

  14. She really did more than well for a girl of 14 to have this though u know God is really working in her but next is our leaders what can u do to progress her

  15. God bless you young one…yur genius and creativity speak volume…keep it up…you have my 100% vote already.. Remain blessed

  16. This More than a painting for just Nigerian Medical Centers alone, but it is also a painting for African countries as a whole. It is self explanatory. I personally thick this as the best so far. And I hope the government will be a part of this. Keep up the good work Folashade.

  17. Pioneers of BBN and their likes will not see such to sponsor, imagine if those millions I only hear of everyday his invested here. I admire the fact you were able to put the theme into your thought to bring out this wonderful canotation. More insight miss fola. Keep the hard work.

  18. A good and creative work coming from one so young. She should be encouraged and given the best platform to excel.

  19. The art work encourages an all inclusive participation for efficient immunisation result. Bayere Folashade work is a good expression of this concept I vote it best.

  20. Thumbs up to Folashade. She hasn’t just shown the public the need for vaccination but also she has motivated thousands to engage themselves in through this great piece of art work. I’m highly impressed.

  21. Excellent work dear. So proud of you.The painting is indeed thought-provoking and speaks to the issue at hand.

  22. wot a beautiful work of art. well detailed. unique and painstakingly done. I judge it better than the best.

  23. This painting is an important contribution to the campaign for immunization which will rid our country of most diseases. I congratulate the young girl

  24. wow!!..this is really creative… love your art work dear… keep it up… great work… wish you all the best of luck dear… you have my vote ☑…

  25. this is real talent at it’s peak. the girl child education is a way up to a better society in the nearest future to come, this is an evidence. #folashade bayere you are an ambassador for change to the world at large. keep aspiring to affect lives by doing wot u know how to do best. #i stand and vote for #folashade bayere.

    • Such a creative and talented young child with a passion for the well being of humanity. The skye will definitely accept your height.

  26. This is clearly one of the most successful art work reflecting one of the many challenges bedevilling our society. Folashade, you have done for our young artist what Leonardo would have done for the world of arts. Your creativity and styles continues to be thoroughly captivating. The originality of this brilliant work clearly deserves to be rewarded!

  27. Art works speaks volumes Without words. That is what Bayere Folashade work has been able to do here, concerning Immunisation programme in Nigeria. I vote for the work, as best.

  28. A great creative imagination best for achieving vaccine & immunization agenda. Ride on folashade. this is just d beginning .

  29. Your painting is beautiful and describes three category of people.
    1. Pregnant women that are being taking care of via vaccination.
    2. Children well taking care of via vaccination.
    3. Some set of people that didn’t make themselves available for vaccination.
    Please dear you have my vote.

  30. we all know how important it is for pregnant women and children to get vaccinated against diseases and the likes

  31. She so smart i love the art work and the story behind it, she”Keep It Short and Simple” (KISS), is high time to carry our young girls along. Thanks to the organizers of the program you guys should keep the good work going God bless Nigeria.

  32. whom the cap fit let her wear. my vote goes to Folashade. she deserves the best. her work is inspirational

  33. Very excellent and good art painting work, keep it up my dear, God is your strength.

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