2017 Creative Art and Writing Competition for Secondary Schools

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Ejeh Susuan



Votes: 422

Name: Ejeh Susan Ojochide

Class: SS2

Age: 15

School: Redeemer's Private Secondary School Lugbe, Abuja.

Art Work Description: The injection depicts Immunization, while the umbrella depicts the protection a Family gets from Immunization.


  1. Susy is a born artist,she started drawing as early as 3-4yrs of age.
    Initially I did not believe it was her hand work till she drew a Mickey mouse cartoon without any picture in front of her.
    Ever since she has done great paintings that has wowed everyone that crossed her path.
    That’s a her gift from God, support her.

  2. I am fully convinced ejeh is execently qualified to emerge for the 2017 creative art and writing completion for secondary schhol.thank you

  3. I vote for this painting because it displays the 2017 theme of vaccines protecting all and for everyone. It’s brilliant piece for this year.

    • Keep it up dear little sister in Christ Jesus may the Almighty God bless u, I pray for today n this day u will come out in flying colours among your mates you shall great than your mates u will never serve your but your will serve you not serve your nation n your country but your nation n your. Country shall serve you in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST : GOD Bless you my sister

  4. a timely piece of art.Nigeria needs this as we combat the scourge of epidemics and terrorism! Suzzy you’re the best.

  5. Suzy, I knew you will reach this height, this will take you places in Jesus name Amen. Keep it up, the Sky is only your starting point. Let her win

  6. We need ambassadorfor youth and I stand by this bundle Of talent to spread the news by her artistic works.

  7. Exceptionally creative Cuz….I’m supper proud of you. God bless your handwork.
    I vote her for the win

  8. Great work. You are the best and it’s settled in Jesus name. Amen. Good success dear.

  9. I believe in Susan soo much cause when I was in the UNIVERSITY she drew most of my SIWES LOG BOOK DIAGRAMS for me that earned me a Distinction in the course… She’s SPIRITUALLY and Mentally the BEST FOR THIS

  10. Your gift shall surely make room for you and bring you before great men in Jesus name. The importance of immunization can not be over emphasized, Suzy you hit the nail on the head. Good job👍🏽

  11. wow!! Amazing,a nice and abstract concept with a whole lots of sensitive meanings… continue to shine on…

  12. The message is very clear. Her work depict the importance of immunization on the family. I thik she need to be encouraged further as it is this kind of artistic accuracy that we need to pass such messages across to the masses.

  13. go girl I so much love for the fact that you are girl is a rear jem ….go we all gat your back

  14. suzy has always been an inspiration, I remember vividly well the day I gave her an assignment to draw a biblical story illustration, it was really amazing, she’s truly a star and a gift , I can boldly say she’s the best for this….

  15. I see creativity expressed at a higher level. Communicate on point.. Suzy that image is a wow and has convey your message which is the key

  16. A talent that can’t be taken away, is from God.l was not surprise because she been doing something more than this

  17. The beauty of any art work is the message behind such, you’ve passed a sellable message to the Nation.

    You are great

  18. Wow! This is just very brilliant a art work, a picture to promote immunization in Nigeria. It has coveyed the entire info. Please vote the best!

  19. OMG suzzzy zoo luv ur artwork so so much am so proud dat my efforts re not in vain 🤗🤗🤗wishing u d best of luck can’t wait to see u collect dat laptop 😍😍😍😘.Abeg read my comment oooo!!!!! Incase u don’t know who dis is ,it’s Efe.

  20. Thumbs up sis! I see u up there! Keep the candle burning, never relent because God has your back.Trust me, with this, greater things are coming. #voiceofwuche

  21. I thank God Almighty who endowed Ejeh with excellent knowledge of Art and creativity. She deserves the best in the competition.

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