Benefits of WAVA Membership


  1. Members will derive a sense of fulfillment for helping to save lives of many Nigerian children from vaccine-preventable diseases
  2. Members will benefit from capacity-building/enhancement activities on health advocacy
  3. WAVA will provide members opportunity to network with other organizations and persons with similar objectives
  4. Members will enjoy enhanced visibility of the organization and its activities
  5. Members can leverage WAVA’s reputation to participate in strategic programmes and meetings at an affordable rate or no cost
  6. Members will have access to a wide range of services offered by the combined experience of the professionals within organization
  7. Members may get partial or full sponsorship to register and/or attend local or international meetings/conferences that are relevant to the works of WAVA
  8. Members will benefit from free mentorship opportunities that may help to strengthen their organization
  9. Members shall receive WAVA newsletters and other publications
Advocacy key messages
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